The first book in the aclaimed Detective Kiki Diaz Thriller series has dropped and is available on Amazon now. Check out the travails of Kiki Diaz as she tries to make her way to the courthouse in downtown Washington, D.C. for the start of a human trafficking trial where she was the lead undercover officer. What should be the easiest part of her day goes from routine to a nightmare on the D.C. Metro. It doesn't get any better when she gets to the courthouse. 

My latest Substack article where I discuss from an investigator's viewpoint, the logic in the Special Counsel Robert Hur Report on classified documents recovered from President Biden's offices and Delaware home. 

Thanks to Jeff Clark for having me on his Course of Action Podcast where we talked about all things thriller books, FBI, and Section 702 of FISA.

 This might be my most controversial newsletter because emotions are high on many sides of the issue. However, I tried to call this as I see it based on my many years of training and experience. I hope you enjoy the analysis and tell me what you think. Read it at

Honored to be a guest on the Author Ecke Podcast with Travis Davis! Great conversation about books, the military, police work and more. Check it out. 

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AREA 51: Project Series Volume I just dropped in Audiobook on Audible, Amazon, and Apple on October 25th! Superbly narrated by the multi-talented Ed Bejarana, you will enjoy listening to the travails of Detective John "Black Jack" Morrison as he goes back to Area 51 three times to help solve complicated murders. The murders are the easy part for Jack, it's the otherworldly events he finds there that scares the spit out of him.


FISA Section 702 is up for renewal in Congress and being debted as we speak. I spent about a month putting together this analysis of Section 702, including my recommendations on how to both renew and amend it. You can read the article on my Substack page at . 

I recently wrote an article on my Substack page ( about what Hollywood gets wrong (a lot,) and right (not so much,) about cops. As part of my research for this project, I reviewed a list of 340 TV and streaming shows, and rated a number of them good, bad, or ugly, based on their portrayl of law enforcement. Take a look, and then let me know what your favorite cop show are. (Spoiler alert - I rated Bosch one of the best ever!)

My recent Substack article from November 20th is probably the most controversial. Here, I take on TikTok and describe them as a Foreign Intelligence Platform, mostly over how they monitor, manipulate, and promote data that is divisive to America. The latest example comes from the videos of young Americans last week defending Osama bin Laden's attack on the U.S. on 9/11, and concluding that, maybe he had a good point. This all occurred while Chinese Chairman Xi was in San Fransisco where U.S. businessmen paid $40,000 to hear him speak.