F.X. Regan was a police officer in a major metropolitan police department, an FBI agent, and a SWAT Team member. He retired with more than 32 years of law enforcement as the special agent in charge of a large FBI field division and he worked on many high-profile investigations during his career. He was a Vice President and COO in charge of security at two major corporations before becoming a full-time writer and licensed private investigator. He has written editorials for The Washington Post, Gannett, and The Hill; and has appeared on America's Most Wanted, NBC's Dateline, and Fox News

Regan is currently working in three different series: The first, his flagship group of crime-thrillers, is a three-book series of novels featuring CJ Hawk, a private investigator who was dismissed from the rolls of the FBI after his alleged role in a bad shooting. Hawk is retained to help solve a number of cold case homicides in Washington, D.C., and in each of his investigations, he bumps into rogue government programs that operate off the books and complicate his life. Department Echo and Zulu Center are with editors and agents, and Washington Field is in production. All three were inspired by actual homicides in the D.C. area. Because these books involve the FBI, he is required to submit them to the FBI's pre-publication process which can be time consuming. Keep checking for details on their release. 

Next is a series of fun novellas in the AREA 51: Project Series. Project Sapphire, Project Onyx, and Project Lunar Dust are out! All three novellas are also available in a single book titled AREA 51: Project Series Volume I. https://amzn.to/482pxjg 

Finally, a new series featuring Fairfax County, Virginia Detective Sergeant Kiki Diaz is finished, and the first book, Rosslyn Station was available starting December 19th! Order now over on Amazon. https://amzn.to/4aA1r0K 

Click here to see his Amazon Author Page and keep up with all of F.X. Regan's new releases: www.amazon.com/author/f.x.regan_1- . You can also follow him on X (https://www.twitter.com/fxregan) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/fxregan) at @FXRegan. And he writes a regular non-fiction column about crime, police, and the FBI at https://bit.ly/3s9AuQ1