F.X. Regan

Thriller Writer and Private Investigator

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F.X. Regan was a police officer in a major metropolitan police department and then an FBI agent retiring with more than thirty years of service. He had a storied career and worked on several high-profile investigations in multiple FBI offices. He became a VP and COO in charge of security at two major corporations before becoming a fulltime writer and licensed private investigator. He has written editorials for The Washington Post, Gannett, and The Hill; and has appeared on America's Most Wanted, NBC's Dateline, and Fox News.

Regan is currently working on a three-book series featuring CJ Hawk, a private investigator who was dismissed from the rolls of the FBI after his alleged role in a bad shooting. Hawk is retained to help solve cold case homicides and in each of his investigations, he bumps into rogue government programs that operate off the books and complicate his life. 

All three books, Department Echo, Zulu Center, and Washington Field are based on actual murders in Washington, D.C. and feature the drama associated with unchecked government power.   

Because these books involve the FBI, even though they are fiction, they are required to go through the Bureau's pre-publication review process. In the meantime, he's created a series of novellas being published beginning on January 3, 2023. The AREA 51: Project series, starting with Project Sapphire, (scroll down,) that will feature murder, conspiracy, and maybe some otherworldly phenomena. Look to preorder on Amazon today!

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